History & Goals

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Sabalan Souleh Karan Company established in 2008 in Tehran. In 2009, it began its activity in Safadasht Industrial Estate and until this time, it could receive the best business certificates.

This complex honors to lead over than tens of thousands of steel structures in term of great industrial projects, specific construction and hall structures relying on state of art technology and dynamic knowledge benefiting from old experiences in the field of engineering activities.

Accurate, quick and economic implementation of steel projects and preventing time waste and human resources is a common objective between us and employers, consultants and other contractors.


Objectives of Company
Focusing on the view of employers’ satisfaction, continuously optimization in the production processes and providing the services, quality promotion based on stages of production and implementing the project and systems governing on the company, environment friendly and protecting the humans and cooperation of employees, management of Sabalan Souleh Karan Company has conducted its duties while undertook executing above mentioned cases and adherence to legal requirements and other obligations, it believes that organization’s employees that considered as the most valuable capital of this company are responsible to attempt hard for attaining the organizational objectives by completely perceiving the expectations of employers and other beneficiaries.
To attain above-mentioned objectives, management of this company stressed on using new management systems. Attaining these goals, it has selected the latest edition of standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 as its executive model aiming to achieve such ends.
Organizational objectives detailed as below:
•    Increased satisfaction of employers and customers;
•    Continuously training the managers and coworkers of company as well as promoting the level of knowledge and technical and qualitative awareness related to such activities;
•    Planning and regular and continuous action taken to prevent the occurrence of occupational events and accidents as well as controlling the dangerous factors in the working place (physical and chemical factors);



Contact Us

No. 162, West 6th Ave.,
Safadasht Industrial Zone, Shahriar-IRAN
Tel: +9821-65742402-8
Manager Tel: +9821-65742401

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